About us

BESA Academy is part of the Building Engineering Services Association (BESA)

We are part of the membership organisation and our primary focus is to support and serve our members active in the design, installation, commissioning, maintenance, control and management of engineering systems and services in buildings.

We support our members and the industry through providing training, short courses, CPD, apprenticeships, end point assessments and experienced worker programme, giving individuals and employers the skills and technical competency to carry out work compliantly and safely.

We work with our members and the industry to develop a suite of new apprenticeship standards to replace the now defunct frameworks in England - for the industry by the industry. We have developed a short course provision through our UK wide approved training centres and continue to work with a national network of colleges, training providers and manufacturers to deliver a revolutionary approach to blended learning.

Our online learning platform was developed with the training needs of our industry at heart. When the global pandemic hit, we knew we had to come up with a solution which allowed our members, employers and apprentices to access high quality training, to ensure they were equipped with the skills and qualifications required to do their job. 

We are the learning solution that allows individuals to develop their skills, further their career and puts them in the driving seat of their success.


We have a knowledgeable support network throughout the UK who have worked within the education sector and the building engineering services industry for a number of years. We work with the Building Services Engineering (BSE) Skills Partnership and the BESA Education Committee for governance and transparency in everything we do.

our values

To put our members, learners and individuals at the heart of skills and training

To lead the agenda and support the training needs of the building engineering services industry

To be transparent and operate with integrity

To provide engaging and innovative course content

To ensure course material is relevant and up to date with the latest industry standards

To make all training accessible and flexible

To develop training which is diverse and inclusive 

To provide a cost effective and safe training solution

mission statement

"Quality led learning by the industry for the industry"