BESA Education Committee

The BESA Education Committee is made up of representatives from BESA member companies.


The following Terms of Reference have been authorised and approved by the Council of the Association pursuant to rule (7) of the Association's Constitution. 


1            Group name

The group shall be called The Education Committee.


2            Qualification

Committee members shall consist of representatives employed by a BESA member company that complies with the requirements of the Competence and Assessment Scheme (CAS), and who are actively engaged in, or enthusiastic about the subject matter covered by the Education Committee.


3            Authority

Subject to the conditions of the Constitution, the Education Committee shall be empowered to deal with all matters affecting their unique interests. In addition, the Education Committee shall be responsible for:


  1. Considering and making recommendations to the Council on matters concerning skills, education, qualification and labour force requirements which impact on the operations and interests of member companies in the sector.
  2. Appointing sub-committees, or ad hoc groups to report on any matter relating to the Committees objects.


4            Group objects

The objects of the Education Committee shall be those set out in the Constitution and in addition, to:


  1. Identify the skills and labour force requirements of UK wide members; considering how they can best be met, over what timescale, including feasibility.
  2. Support identification and/or development, implementation and review of products and services to address UK wide members’ skills and labour force requirements, including viability.
  3. Approve qualifications for Engineering Services SKILLcard, in conjunction with the Building Services Engineering Skills Partnership, the Standard Setting Organisation.
  4. Influence the UK and devolved Governments education and skills policies by representing members’ views to their departments and agencies, either individually as BESA and/or in partnership with other organisations.
  5. Make recommendations to BESA Academy on the learning and assessment required by members, approve its strategy and operational plans, receive reports on its activities and monitor its progress.
  6. Work with the Building Services Engineering Skills Partnership to support the Committee in achieving its objectives.


5            Deliverables

  1. To deliver of the Committee’s objectives within an agreed strategy and annual operational plan
  2. To be a successful operation of BESA Academy as a provider of apprenticeships, end point assessments and training courses


6            Composition

The Education Committee shall comprise of the following:


  • Chair
  • Vice Chair
  • Member nominated by each of the BESA Specialist Groups - Ventilation Group, Heating and Plumbing Services, Refrigeration, Air-Conditioning & Heat Pump, Service & Facilities.
  • Other persons/representatives of other sector bodies who are invited by the Education Committee and are deemed by the Committee to add a useful and valuable contribution. The number of non BESA persons/representatives on the Committee shall not constitute a majority at any time, they may fully contribute to the Committee meetings but shall not be entitled to vote on matters affecting BESA members.


7            Term of Office

The Chair and vice chair shall be nominated by members of the Education Committee and ratified by the BESA Board. They will each serve a term of three (3) years after which, they will automatically retire but be eligible for re-nomination.  


8            Council representative

  1. The Chair shall be the representative of the Group on the BESA Council. In the event that the Chair is unable to represent the Education Committee at Council the Vice-Chair will attend in his/her place.
  2. An alternate representative may attend Council meetings on the representative’s behalf but, for the avoidance of doubt, shall be entitled to participate fully in Council meetings but shall not be entitled to vote unless authorised by the Chair prior to the Council meeting.


9            Administration

  1. The Education Committee shall be administered by a Secretary appointed by the BESA.


  1. The quorum for any meeting of the Education Committee shall be 4 Group members, excluding the Chair.


  1. The Education Committee will normally hold three formal meetings a year, in addition, ad hoc meetings, consultations or visits as determined by the Committee shall be undertaken in order for the Committee to carry out its business.


  1. The Secretary shall issue an agenda prior to each formal meeting and shall record the business in the minutes. These shall be approved by the Education Committee at the next formal meeting.


  1. The approved minutes shall be made available to all Committee members


  1. Where matters of a confidential nature are discussed, the secretary may make suitable amendments to the minutes which are made available outside of the Committee the BESA Officers, Board, Council and staff.


  1. The formal meetings shall be led by the Chair of the Education Committee and can be conducted in any manner the Committee determines appropriate. Should voting be required a simple majority of eligible members will carry a motion as long as the meeting is quorate.


  • Funds

The funds of the Education Committee shall be met by the general funds of the Association in accordance with the terms of the Constitution.


  • Amendments of the Terms of Reference

The Education Committee shall review and revise these Terms of Reference as and when necessary and recommend the amendments to the BESA Board. The amendments will be subject to ratification by the BESA Council.