End Point Assessment

BESA is a Registered End Point Assessment Organisation (RoEPAO), which allows us to assess new training standards in England.

Our members were responsible for the development of six of the New Apprenticeship Standards (Trailblazers). 

The use of End Point Assessment is another improvement to the apprenticeship programme with candidates given a final test to ensure they have developed the necessary knowledge, skills and behaviours to equip them for the ‘real world’ of work.

The assessment involves a series of interviews, practical tasks and questions where students are examined – independent of their training provider. This should give employers greater peace of mind that they are receiving apprentices with fully rounded competence ready for productive work.

BESA is an end point assessment organisation submitting against the following standards:

BSE Craftsperson

BSE Installer

BSE Ductwork Craftsperson

BSE Ductwork Installer

BSE Service and Maintenance Engineer

BSE Vent Hygiene Technician

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