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BESA Academy has over 25 years' experience supporting apprenticeships. We are here to help you build and develop your workforce and will work with you to arrange your apprenticeship requirements, enabling you to carry on as business as usual.

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If you would like to discuss the possibilities of employing an apprentice with your company, then please fill in the enquiry form below and a member of the BESA Academy team will contact you.

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Why choose BESA Academy for apprenticeships?

BESA Academy will work with an employer to select the right programme, training centre or college and ensure that funding can be accessed where available via their preferred training centre/college. We can also provide industry-specific advice on short courses, experienced worker programmes and help an employer develop a training plan for their business that suits them.


We cover the UK

We can source and screen applicants putting them through our initial assessment process

We assign you and your apprentice a dedicated training account manager who will provide a personalised service tailored to your business needs

We will arrange all your apprentice needs including college and training centres

We provide your apprentice with a dedicated assessor

We assess competence to awarding body standards

We have extensive knowledge of industry frameworks and qualifications

We will provide all mechanical apprentices with a SKILLcard and complete the application on your behalf

All apprentices receive SMART progress reviews and we tailor these to an individual's needs and requirements, not just to the minimum government funding standards


Why employ a BESA Academy apprentice?

There is a vast range of benefits for your business when you employ an apprentice:


being able to fill the skill gaps within your current workforce and enable future planning

increasing productivity, improving business performance and ensuring a committed and competent workforce

learning industry-specific skills from day one

being able to nurture and grow your talent

making you more competitive and consumers are more likely to do business with you if you have an apprentice

more cost-effective than hiring skilled staff

increases employee retention

more likely to stay and work their way up through the company