Experienced Worker Programme

You or your staff can now be recognised for your skills, competence and years of experience through our Experienced Worker Programme.

Have you, or your staff, been working in the building engineering services (BSE) sector for five or more years but have no formal industry qualifications to recognise your skills and experience?

Do you need to apply for an Engineering Services SKILLcard but don't have the relevant qualifications?

Would you like to update your skillset?

As an employer, would you like to upskill your workforce?

If you have answered yes to at least one of the above, then this programme could be for you.


The Experienced Worker Programme has been introduced to provide recognition of competence for experienced workers who have been working within building services for 5+  years but don't hold an industry-recognised qualification.  

Eligible experienced workers have the opportunity to gain an Engineering Services SKILLcard by demonstrating they have the necessary skills, knowledge and experience using a work-based portfolio assessment process to achieve the specified unit/s, without having to undertake college-based examinations. Once registered with BESA Academy, you can apply for an Experienced Worker SKILLcard, after you have met the health and safety requirements.


What is the criteria?

You must have been operating at Level 2 or Level 3 

In one of the following occupations - H&V Pipefitting or Service and Maintenance 

Have at least five years experience in one of the above occupations 

If you would like to discuss what options are available to you please contact us on 0800 917 8419 or email academy@thebesa.com.



This programme costs £2250+VAT, with a £500+VAT deposit taken from the total amount, this is asked to be paid within the first two weeks of the month, before the assessor contacts you. Payment instalments can be arranged every month to split the costs.


The assessments at the moment have all be developed to be taken remotely- the assessors have a lot of experience and have adapted their previous assessments so we can still deliver them during lockdowns/local lockdowns.


The programme on average can take 12 months, but there is an option for ‘fast track’ in 6 months. The fast track option is only available after the assessor has agreed to it, and the individual agrees to get the portfolio submitted on time and to a good standard. The length is entirely dependent on your commitment to getting the work submitted and working alongside the assessors.


You get assessed through portfolio and evidence-based work, which you will show and work along with an assessor. No exams are included.


Timeline of events



Whilst you are on the EWP you can apply for a Blue Experienced Worker SKILLcard. This card is valid for 3 years and then can be upgraded once the EWP has been completed to a Blue (Level 2) Skilled Worker SKILLcard (Valid for 5 years) or a Gold (Level 3) Advanced Craft SKILLcard (valid for 5 years). The colour and title of the SKILLcard is dependent on the level of qualification that has been completed. Some construction site require you to hold a valid SKILLcard to enable you to carry out work there. The SKILLcards all require a Health and Safety certificate being achieved within the past 2 years. BESA Academy offers this H&SE course/test on the website. View course here.


What next?

  1. Download and complete the fillable application form here
  2. Email your completed application form to academy@thebesa.com
  3. Our Customer Services Executive will give you a call to discuss your application and the programme further
  4. Once a start date has been agreed and the deposit paid, your details are passed onto the assessor to make the initial induction
  5. You are now officially enrolled on the programme and can apply for the Experienced Worker SKILLcard separately
  6. As part of the qualification, you will need to complete a portfolio of evidence from your workplace, working alongside the assessor who will be guiding you through the programme. This is to be completed throughout the programme.
  7. Your portfolio submission is sent for IQA
  8. You will need to complete either one or two NVQ unit/s in your chosen discipline. This will depend on the level and qualification you have chosen.