Heating & Ventilation L2 & L3 Apprentice of the Year

This award is for a Heating & Ventilation L2 & L3 Apprentice who has shown exceptional progress, overcome adversity and has exceeded expectations throughout their apprenticeship programme. This award includes heating & ventilation welders, heating & ventilation pipe fitters, and heating & ventilation installers. 

Higher marks will be awarded from the judges for situations such as completing the apprenticeship programme early. Other key areas the judges will be looking for include:

  • exceptional knowledge, skills and behaviour
  • any extra curricular activities e.g. charity work, sport or volunteering
  • any challenges or setbacks they have overcome
  • talent and skills in their appropriate field

This award is for level 2 or level 3 apprentices who are at any point in their studies, or have already completed their apprenticeship - we ask that apprentices went into this apprenticeship within the past two years.

To submit your entry you must complete the form below and click send if you have not completed a compulsory field, the form will not submit and the missing information will be highlighted in red.

If you have any issues with completing the entry form or have any further questions please email awards@thebesa.com. 

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Must be 16 or over.

We only ask for this information to invite apprentices to the awards ceremony – we will always speak to those the nominating employer first.

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