Conference Programme

THE conference for the building services industry.

In addition to virtual networking and a virtual exhibition, there will be a programme of main plenary sessions in the main auditorium plus a stream of smaller specialist seminars spread out across the two days for you to dip in and out of depending on your particular interests.

See below details of some of the planned sessions. A full programme and timings will be released in the weeks before the conference.


What’s going on with the economy?

This session will consider how the wider implications of economic recovery will affect building services firms and their supply chains.

Health and Wellbeing in Buildings – the stakes just got higher

The Covid-19 crisis brought the issue of indoor air quality and healthy buildings to the attention of the public and put our sector’s work under closer scrutiny. High profile child health campaigner and World Health Organisation advocate Rosamund Adoo Kissi-Debrah will explain what building occupants expect from our industry and what we must do next.

Future of Cities – the end of the office as we know it?

With working from home now a permanent arrangement for many, a large number of commercial buildings will have to be fully or partially re-purposed. This session will look at the engineering implications; the effect on sustainability and how the building engineering sector must adapt.

Hackitt – the biggest safety shake-up in 40 years

The Hackitt Review and subsequent legislation could result in the biggest shake-up of building safety in 40 years. We explore why nobody should be waiting to see what happens, but getting on with the process of change.

Culture Change – delivering competence and compliance

BESA is at the forefront of efforts to ensure building services contractors have the competence to operate successfully in the new post-Grenfell era; comply with tough new regulations and have the evidence to prove their compliance.

The workforce of the future 

The industry needs a new type of workforce equipped with modern skills to adapt to a radically different marketplace following the Covid-19 crisis. This calls for a comprehensive strategy to improve diversity and drive investment into training and recruitment. The session will also consider how female role models are transforming our workforces and why we must do more to appeal to people from BAME backgrounds; those with disabilities; lower our age profile etc.


Seminar Sessions:

Building Safety (Part One): Looking at the implications of the draft Building Safety Bill prompted by the Hackitt Review and how the industry must now meet tough new targets for competence and compliance.

Building safety (Part Two): This session will explore collaborative fire and smoke control ductwork guidance produced with ADCAS and the ASFP. Our speakers will seek to clear up some of the confusion currently undermining projects and explain the actions firms should take to create compliant specifications.

Building safety (Part Three): This session will explore guidance on fire stopping in buildings produced by BESA in collaboration with the FIS, the ASFP and BSRIA. It will explain the problems caused by the fact fire stopping was previously so poorly served by technical guidance and the impact this had on the safety of building occupants. 

Buildings as safe havens – delivering IAQ: The BESA Health & Wellbeing in Buildings group explains the measuring, monitoring and installation challenges behind making buildings safe havens from pollution – both indoor and out. This may also include the unveiling of the BESA Schools Challenge, which will involve IAQ case studies in a number of schools sponsored by the Association.

Opportunities in residential: How the government’s rebuilding strategy will drive residential refits and why this is an opportunity building engineering firms must not miss.

Ventilation and vent hygiene:  How the sector is playing its part in addressing the health and wellbeing of building occupants and reassuring owners and managers.

Tackling legionella: This old foe has not gone away. In fact, it is back with a vengeance as buildings re-open for business. What are the new hazards?

Heat pumps, hydrogen and the electrification of heat: How building services technology is firing up the decarbonisation of heating/cooling systems towards the 2050 net zero goal.

Facilities management and the Golden Thread: The crucial role of FM in the wellbeing of a building and the crucial role now being played by digital tech including: How Google, Amazon and co are taking over our buildings and plans for the ‘National Digital Twin’.

Pipework: Specification challenges and the need for greater professional rigour to address quality issues. This session will demonstrate updates to the BESA Pipework Selection App and hear from expert speakers including the British Metal Tube Fittings Association (BMTFA).

Decarbonisation of heat and role of heat networks: HIUs and heat networks and their growing role in delivering the low carbon transformation; the future of heat pumps; plus the debate between instantaneous heating/hot water and the need for storage.

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning – another year of change: The industry is once again preparing for another step down in HFC refrigerant quotas. This session will look at how the sector is responding to that challenge and may also touch on problems with counterfeit gas, irresponsible online sales and rogue operators.

Protecting the workplace with LEV: How new Local Exhaust Ventilation guidance could save thousands of lives and prevent the surge in workplace related respiratory illness. Joint session with the ILEVE.


Plus, much much more

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