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Thursday 9 June

How to prepare for the Building Safety Act

This webinar will explore how the UK construction industry should prepare to comply with requirements of the Building Safety Act.

Panellists will discuss the implications of the Act for owners, contractors and subcontractors alike and discuss how this important legislation represents an opportunity to establish best practice in the industry. 

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Thursday 16  June

Clean Air Day – building ventilation on the front line 

Mechanical ventilation systems have never had a higher profile. Their crucial role in making buildings safer and healthier was highlighted during the Covid-19 pandemic and recognised by leading scientists and politicians. 

Clean Air Day is an opportunity to reinforce that message; so the BESA webinar will feature reports from around the country including journalists working for the national print and broadcast media. 

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Tuesday 28 June

Ground source Air Conditioning with Heat Recovery - a case study

Webinar series: Alternative approaches to reaching Net Zero 

As the Net Zero agenda intensifies and the decarbonisation of heat becomes the target for Government, Graeme Fox will look at a case study using the stable geothermal heat in ground rock as a ground source for a VRF system providing simultaneous cooling and heating in a large prestigious golf clubhouse in St Andrews. 

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14th July

Queens Quay heat network: a pioneering technology

Webinar series: Alternative approaches to reaching Net Zero 

The Queens Quay District Heating Network is a low carbon solution for the UK’s homes and is the first large-scale water source heat pump scheme of its kind in Scotland. The large-scale ammonia water source heat pump takes water from the Clyde Estuary decarbonising the heat for new and existing buildings.

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Peter Curtis

Briggs and Forrester

Morning David, You and your team at BESA have really stepped up to the mark in these challenging times, by the support you have provided to its members. We at Briggs & Forrester appreciate it and personally, it provides me with pleasure to be part of the association. Well done all!

Jacquie Price


Thanks for the webinar today – really helpful and informative.



Dennis Towers

H. Malone & Sons Ltd

Just a thank you for Friday’s webinar, some useful information from yourself and your colleagues.


Alan Gregory

Independent Air Quality Consultancy Services Ltd

This daily webinar is a great help in getting the latest guidance and updates on what is a continuing developing situation. Thanks, David Frise, to you and all your team, keep the good work and keep well.