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Thursday 12 January

Building a Workforce for the Future: the role of Technology in Construction

Construction is central to national life in the UK. As well as contributing £117bn to the economy each year, the industry employs 2.7 million people in a whole host of roles. But it’s a transformative time for UK construction and the people that work within it – which is requiring companies of all kinds to adapt. Some of the changes underway are very positive.

At a regulatory level, government and industry bodies are working to set new standards for safety, quality and productivity. The webinar will outline solutions to improve ways of working, deliver better outcomes and ultimately make construction more predictable – and even more profitable. The speakers will draw on recent Autodesk research which highlights the concerns of UK construction firms, including the impact of skills shortages and the image problem in the industry.

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Tuesday 24 January

Why motors matter: the costs you can’t see

Energy bills are on all our minds. But did you know that HVAC motors account for between 20% and 35% of the energy costs of a typical commercial building in the UK? A surprising figure but it can be reduced through more efficient motors. Future Motors will join BESA to discuss these hidden costs and talk through a recent case study where a commercial retrofit saw dramatic reductions for the customer. 

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Thursday 26 January

Field management solutions for a more efficient business

Fieldmotion is an easy-to-use cloud-based digital platform that allows field workers to capture information on jobs in real-time, using their mobile devices. Being an all-in-one platform you can schedule Reactive & Planned appointments, Manage Contracts, let customers get easy access to the information within the Customer Portal, CRM software, Create Invoices/Quotes/Purchase Orders, and Manage Workflows. Better traceability with field staff and visibility information allows for better planning, giving a more efficient & profitable business.

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Peter Curtis

Briggs and Forrester

Morning David, You and your team at BESA have really stepped up to the mark in these challenging times, by the support you have provided to its members. We at Briggs & Forrester appreciate it and personally, it provides me with pleasure to be part of the association. Well done all!

Jacquie Price


Thanks for the webinar today – really helpful and informative.



Dennis Towers

H. Malone & Sons Ltd

Just a thank you for Friday’s webinar, some useful information from yourself and your colleagues.


Alan Gregory

Independent Air Quality Consultancy Services Ltd

This daily webinar is a great help in getting the latest guidance and updates on what is a continuing developing situation. Thanks, David Frise, to you and all your team, keep the good work and keep well.