How will the war in Ukraine impact the UK engineering services sector?

monday 7 MARCH 

12:00PM - 1.00PM GMT


The scenes in Ukraine are sending shockwaves around the world, with the UK construction industry among those likely to feel the fall out. Whether from the energy prices surging to restrictions on Russian exports such as metals to UK manufacturers likely facing high costs as the crisis hits the supply chains. Russia’s invasion has materially altered the near-term outlook for the UK and global economies, with increased uncertainty over the path ahead.

Join us on Monday 7th and hear from Rear Admiral Bob Tarrant who will give an update and overview of the crisis so far. Joining the panel will be a representative from CBI who will discuss the effects on the global economy and state of the market. and Joanna Goddard from BRIM (Business Resilience International Management) who is currently working directly with national and international business leaders on the creation of a single UK National entity which will support the UK network of Regional Cyber Resilience Centres. Joanna will look at the role of support her clients play for SMEs.



David Frise, CEO, BESA



Rear Admiral Bob Tarrant, Former Commander Operations, Royal Navy 

Joanna Goddard, Partner, BRIM

Representative from CBI