How to prepare for the Building Safety Act

thursday 30 JUNE

12:00PM - 1.00PM GMT


This webinar will explore how the UK construction industry should prepare to comply with requirements of the Building Safety Act.
Panellists will discuss the implications of the Act for owners, contractors and subcontractors alike and discuss how this important legislation represents an opportunity to establish best practice in the industry.

The session will draw from content in the Autodesk white paper “How to prepare for the Building Safety Bill,” which has been developed with contributions from key industry players. The presenters include some of these contributors to represent the market.

Key learning points:

  • What the Building Safety Bill means for firms
  • How do firms comply to the requirements
  • Where can digital technology help

Who is this webinar aimed at?
Anyone who is responsible for tracking construction projects/health & safety/quality

• Matt Keen, Matt Keen, senior industry strategist, Autodesk
• Mark Farmer, CEO, Cast Consultancy
• Duncan Yarroll, head of BIM and digital engineering, Mace