A method to visualise what’s invisible – a journey through Indoor Air Quality simulations

THURSDAY 3rd February  

12:00PM - 1.00PM GMT


Across the globe, the understanding and demand for controlled indoor air quality is becoming a prominent topic around which the safety of hospitals, schools and work places is evaluated. These environments however, are very different from one another, and while certain ventilation requirements are readily implemented for some buildings, they may not be easily retro-fitted for other buildings. Moreover, while ventilation requirements are agreed and set during the design phase, air movement is not always predictable by intuition due to its turbulent nature.

Airflow simulations (Computational Fluid Dynamics) allow us to visualize such flows and assess indoor air quality in the presence of pollutants and aerosols. Dassault Systèmes collaborated with a number of hospitals and venues across the world, delivering practical and readily implementable solutions for Air quality-critical environments. During the webinar, we will highlight our work with Gilberts Blackpool on how simulation was leveraged to understand the airflow pattern within a dentistry environment and optimised by comparing ventilation diffusers.


Speaker: Giovanni Fiore – Fluid Simulation Specialist – Dassault Systèmes

Giovanni is a fluid dynamics specialist working for Dassault Systèmes. His main activities involve indoor air quality, particle, and vehicle aerodynamics simulations. He holds a PhD in Applied Aerodynamics.


Who should attend:

Air Conditioning Manager, Health & Safety Manager, HVAC Manager, Ventilation Engineer, Pre-Construction Manager, Technical Director, Fluid Dynamics Engineer, Building Designer, Virologist