Is UV-C the answer for tackling airborne infection in buildings?

Tuesday 11th January

12:00pm - 1.00pm GMT


With pressure growing on the industry to deliver a wider range of solutions capable of reducing the threat of airborne disease transmission in buildings, BESA is delighted to welcome back SAGE member and leading expert on ventilation and indoor air quality Professor Cath Noakes from the University of Leeds.

At the recent BESA National Conference, she urged the industry to look closely at all the available options and avoid being hoodwinked by 'snake oil' salesmen pushing single technologies for every application.

In this webinar, Professor Noakes will take a close look at one possible option: UV-C irradiation, which has its supporters and its detractors. She will consider the different types of application; how well different UV-C devices work and share her findings from experiments and modelling that can help the industry develop practical applications for different types of building.


Chair: Nathan Wood, BESA's Wellbeing in Buildings Chairman and Managing Director at Farmwood Ltd 

Nathan Wood is Managing Director of Farmwood M&E Ltd, Chairman of the BESA Well-being in Buildings Group as well as Chair of the GCP Europe Indoor Environmental Quality Task Force. 

Nathan has wealth of knowledge across the building engineering sector, particularly in the ventilation & air quality sector, an advocate of clean air technology and straight talking


Speaker: Professor Catherine Noakes, Professor of Environmental Engineering for Buildings, University of Leeds

Professor Cath Noakes is a chartered mechanical engineer, with a background in fluid dynamics. She leads research into ventilation, indoor air quality and infection control in the built environment using experimental and modelling based studies..

Cath is currently Deputy Director of Leeds Institute for Fluid Dynamics and Co-Director for the EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Fluid Dynamics. Since April 2020 she has been involved in the COVID-19 response, leading the Environment and Modelling sub-group of the UK Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) focusing on the science underpinning environmental transmission of COVID-19.