The Build UK Common Assessment Standard – tendering, PPQs and dispelling myths…


12:00PM - 1.00PM GMT


Each year the industry spends billions on completing pre-qualification questionnaires PPQs, much of this effort is duplicated and wasted. The BuildUK Common Assessment Standard is designed to reduce this admin burden and allow contractors to complete a single process recognised by a growing proportion of the industry. BESA has made its own Competence Assessment Standard (CAS) more robust to meet the needs of the Building Safety Act and to focus on technical competence, the “can you do the job part of PQ”. Find out how to simplify your PQ workload and cost by understanding how these standards work in tandem.

The focus of the webinar is to inform the major and sub-contractors about Build UK Common Assessment Standard. We have become aware from our members that contracts are still stating that they need to have specific accreditations in CHAS, Construction Line, Achilles or CQMS and we want to ensure they don’t fall foul of spending additional money and waste time filling out extensive PPQ’s when in reality they only need to complete the one.



David Frise, Chief Executive, BESA 

Speakers and panellists:

Rachel Davidson, Director of Certification, BESA

Alex Minett, Head of Products, CHAS

Doug Aris, UK Head of Construction, Achilles Information 

 Eleanor Eaton, Managing Director, CQMS