An Introduction to Embodied Carbon Masterclass

Tuesday 29 MARCH 

12:00PM - 1.00PM GMT


Whole Life Carbon assessments are increasingly required to achieve the sustainability goals set by planning bodies, governments and clients.

Whole Life Carbon Emissions are the combined emissions from the operation of a building (Operational Carbon) and the construction, maintenance, and deconstruction of the building (Embodied Carbon). Operational Carbon emissions and calculations are well established, however Embodied Carbon Calculations are less so.

Please join Buro Happold in learning what embodied carbon is, how it is currently being measured, and most importantly, how it can be minimised. We will go through a project life cycle and discuss what decisions have the largest impact on the embodied carbon of your projects through the use of project case studies and our sensitivity studies. Embodied carbon minimisation needs to sit alongside cost, quality, and programme to ensure that your project successfully provides the spaces and purpose it needs to, but does it in a lower-carbon way.


Chair: Ewen Rose, Consultant, BESA

Speaker: Natasha Watson PhD, MEng, ICE, Senior Structural Engineer, Buro Happold

After completing her doctorate in low impact building materials in 2016, Natasha has become one of the experts leading the development of knowledge on the embodied impacts of construction materials within the construction industry as well as on Buro Happold projects.

As well as the technical aspects of tackling the Climate Emergency, she is interested in the wider issues around equity and unconscious bias in the built environment, as well as intersectional environmentalism.

Natasha is part of Buro Happold’s Urban C:lab; a two year research and developmental programme for the future leaders of the practice that aims to solve the intractable urban challenges facing the world today. She is exploring emergent disruption in the built environment.