Monday, November 6, 2017

Innovation in the built environment - funding available

As part of this new commitment, within the BEIS Energy Innovation Programme, there is expected to be around £90 million invested in low carbon heating and energy efficiency options for UK homes and businesses.

We are pleased to update members on this new investment, and how members can get involved and apply for funding.

Low Carbon Heating Technology Innovation

The Low Carbon Heating Technology grant scheme has been allocated up to £10 million to develop technologies that reduce the carbon emissions generated from providing heat and hot water to UK buildings.

Innovative technologies, processes and tools are eligible for support and grants of £200,000 to £2 million and the deadline for applications is 2 January 2018.

Full details about the grant scheme, including how to apply, are set out in the guidance notes:

Apply to the Low Carbon Heating Technologies Innovation Fund

Low carbon heating guidance and application notes

Investing in Building Thermal Efficiency Innovation

With another £10 million worth of investment allocated, the Building Thermal Efficiency grant scheme looks to develop technologies and approaches to improving the energy efficiency of existing UK buildings. Like the Low Carbon Heating Technology grants, this scheme encourages applications that look at innovative technologies, processes and business models and applicants can apply for a grant of £200,000 to £2 million.

If you are interested in applying for this programme you will need to register by 19 December with the deadline for applications also on 2 January.

Full details about the grant scheme, including how to apply, are set out in the guidance notes and there is a separate application form for this scheme.

Thermal efficiency innovation guidance notes

Thermal efficiency innovation application form

Thermal efficiency innovation fund finance form

Investing in Hydrogen Innovation for Heating

With a £25 million pot allocated, the Hydrogen Innovation programme is the best funded. With a remit to explore the potential use of hydrogen gas for heating UK homes and businesses, BEIS is shortly due to appoint a contractor to run the programme.

This programme will also run from this year up to 2020 and with the aim to define a hydrogen quality standard and to explore, develop and test domestic and commercial hydrogen appliances. Definitely one that members may want to keep an eye on.

Investing in smart heating systems

Run by the Energy Systems Catapult, this pot of £9.8 million is phase 2 of the Smart Systems and Heat Programme. This phase will, of course, build on the work from phase 1, and includes developing a ‘Home Energy Services Gateway’ to change the relationship between consumers, heating systems, and energy suppliers.

The project will also include work with local authorities on developing low energy plans, including the support the development and expansion of domestic low carbon heating projects.

We are pleased to see heating taking a more central focus from Government and for more information on any of these programmes, members can email using the title of the programme that interests you in the email subject.

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