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AUDITOR - SUB-CONTRACT - London & south east

BESCA is the independent certification body for the BESA (Building Engineering Services Association) offering auditing services, facilitating technical and H&S guidance to BESA Members relating to activities within the built environment.

We are looking for an Auditor covering the London and South East areas to carry out audits of our scheme members and seeking candidates to join our team on a sub-contract basis.

The role encompasses the provision of technical auditing for all schemes within BESCA’s management.  The auditor will perform review of quality management systems and technical evaluation of completed installation works on site.  The auditor will ensure completion of all assigned work and relevant documentation in accordance with required procedures and standards to fulfill expectations for efficient auditing and accurate reporting.

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Certification MANAGER

We are looking for a Certification Manager to encompass the management and provision of day to day operational activities, member technical queries, decisions on certification/membership, technical auditing and assessment services for all schemes within BESCA’s and SKILLcard’s management.

The Certification Manager will be responsible for managing and maintaining all audits and audit standards, supporting the Quality Management Officer with UKAS Accreditation, dealing with scheme queries arising from members and cardholders and promoting compliance and quality assurance throughout.

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Business analyst/project MANAGER

Our Change Management Department is looking for a Business Development/Project Manager

The Business Analyst/Project Manager will translate corporate business requirements into actionable project plans and coordinates implementation efforts.  The  Business Analyst/Project Manager will also direct projects that support the company's strategic business plan and coordinate this effort across the organisation.  The types of project will cover product development (software solutions), operational improvement, or compliance projects. 

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