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Helping you to win more work

Constructionline is the largest and most lucrative business-generation platform for SME contractors in the UK construction industry and as a BESA member, we have negotiated a number of benefits to help you win more work:


EXTENDed Membership

15 months membership for the price of 12, equivalent to a 25% discount on membership

Identify buyers and suppliers

Constructionline will also add the 'Buyer' status for free (normally charged at £500)

Opportunities to meet buyers

Invitations to Meet the Buyer events across the UK, for date, visit our events page

Access the Notice Board

Receive alerts on buyers' construction projects relevant to your expertise

Get found by clients

Include your company information on the database for potential clients in line with PAS91 format

Supplier Engagement

Participate in Supplier Engagement Days run for Main Contractors 

Access the Constuctionline Guide to apply

Download PDF

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