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Wages and Salaries

Wages and Salary standards and Operative holidays

In addition to its role as a trade association, BESA has a parallel role as an employers’ organisation.

It is in this role that BESA publishes standard wage rates for hourly paid, site-based Operatives which are negotiated on behalf of employers with the trade union, Unite, and salaries for staff employees, which are negotiated with the staff association, EESA (a white collar section of Unite).

Equally, there are actions in relation to employment affairs and human resources issues which the Association undertakes in its role as the sector's representative body to Government, the Confederation of British Industry and other key national and international organisations.

Operative holidays

The 2018 Holidays for Operatives leaflets for England & Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland, with accompanying New Starter Ready Reckoners.

England and Wales
Ready Reckoners England and Wales
Ready Reckoners Scotland
Northern Ireland
Ready Reckoners Northern Ireland

wage and salary standards

JCC Letter 119 – Increase in the Rate of Lodging Allowance effective from 2 October 2017
JCC Letter 118 – Increase in the Rate of Lodging Allowance effective from 3 October 2016
JCC Letter 117 - Four-Year, Two-Phase Operative Wage Agreement 2016-2020 –
Phase 1 2016-2018 – Effective from 3 October 2016
JCC Letter 116 - Operative National Agreement: Long-term Pensions Strategy – Introduction of Employee Contributions
JCC Letter 114 – Revision of Appendix ‘C’ of the B&ES Operative National Agreement – with effect from 28 September 2015
JCC Letter 113 – Operative National Agreement – Advisory Note in response to the recent Employment Appeal Tribunal judgment concerning the calculation of holiday pay
JCC Letter 111 – Operative Wage Agreement for 2014-2016, effective from 14 April 2014
JCC Letter 107 Operative National Agreement – Welplan Supplement – Rule E (Welfare Benefits – Entitlement and Payment) – Revision

labour cost recovery definitions & calculators

BESA/RICS Dayworks Definition of the prime cost of daywork - including Northern Ireland - Effective from 6 April 2018
BESA/RICS Definition of the prime cost of Daywork – including Northern Ireland effective from 2 October 2017

salary standards

Two salary standards are given for each grade of the Agreement:

  1. a grade minimum salary for the evaluated grade for and individual employee’s job description; and
  2. a guide salary for a fully competent employee which is intended to be an indicator of the salary paid to an employee who is consistently meeting the full requirements of the job
NJC Promulgation 2/16 - Review of the EEI Staff Salary Agreement - 2017-2018
NJC Promulgation 1/16 – Review of the Student Engineers' Salaries, effective from 1 September 2016
NJC Promulgation 3/14 – 2015-2016 Review of the Staff Salary Agreement

statutory payments

Statutory Payments

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