BESA Webinar - Diversity, skills and social value: If not now, when? 12:00-13:00

November 23 2020


Ever felt frustrated at the amount of fragmented diversity and inclusion activity taking place across our industry? Ever wanted to see one place that simply ‘joins it all up’, making it easier for individuals to find information, opportunities and resources, and for employers to engage with a more diverse range of talent?

Now is the time to learn more about Building People, a social enterprise that is enabling connections across the built environment to address the industry challenges of diversity, skills and social value. Join Rebecca Lovelace, Founder and Chief Dot-joiner of Building People, in discussion with BESA CEO, David Frise, to find out about the aggregating and connecting work of Building People, and why BESA is the first industry body to back its ‘Join In’ campaign.