Retentions, Disputes and Payment Seminar

October 10 2018

Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce


With the average contractor having £27,000 withheld every year in retentions, the 'Aldous Bill' could mean big changes for the way cash flow is handled in the construction sector.

The bill does not look to abolish retentions, but safeguard them within a deposit protection scheme, protecting those in the supply chain from upstream insolvencies.

With the second reading of the bill planned for late October, join leading experts from BESA to discuss what the implications of this bill could mean for your business.

Demonstrating Entitlement to Payment

Disputes on construction projects are often unavoidable. Should you find yourself heading towards a dispute, how you prepare and present your claim make all the difference to the outcomes and most importantly the costs.

Structuring your claim correctly is of utmost importance. Decipher Consulting will guide you through the best way to prepare a claim for costs in order to ensure a positive outcome.

Resolving Disputes - The Escalate Solution

The different methods of resolving a dispute and the costs involved can be daunting. Bermans solicitors will explain what options are available should you need to resolve a dispute, and explain how 'Escalate' can help you manage the risk of costs.

Construction Law Update

Our seminar ends with an update on the latest cases and changes in construction law from Abdul Jinadu, Barrister at Keating Chambers.

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