Wales/Cymru Regional Meeting

November 29 2017


Russell George AM

Shadow Cabinet Secretary for the Economy and Infrastructure and Chair, Economy, Infrastructure and Skills Committee. As Assembly Member sponsor of the event Russell George will open the meeting.

NEC 4 Contract

In June 2017 the NEC launched the new suits of NEC4 contracts. This includes the addition of 2 new contracts to the NEC suite as well as some important changes to the existing contracts. This talk is an introduction to the new NEC4 contract providing an overview of the key principles behind the NEC4 and its new features with information to help users make a successful transition from NEC3 to NEC4.

Impact of ErP Lot 20 & 21 to the Industry

ErP is part of the European Commission Regulation (EU) 2015/1188 on Ecodesign requirements for local space heaters. Along with the implementing Directive 2009/125/EC, it aims to improve the energy efficiency and other environmental performance criteria of energy-related products such as radiant and warm air heaters.  These products have been divided into product groups or “lots”, with warm air heaters using gaseous or liquid fuels contained within lot 21 and will be implemented in 2 stages first being January 2018 and the second in September 2018.   Additionally radiant heaters are within lot 20, which will be implemented in January 2018. ErP dictates for each lot, ie Lot 20 for 2018 states min seasonal eff of 74% with a max NOx level of 200mg/kW etc. A leading manufacturer of these types of appliances will  provide an insight into the impact of this legislation on the selection of heating equipment.

BESA Public Affairs Update

Member’s questions and feedback into the Building Engineering Services Association