An opportunity to contribute your knowledge to a number of key industry focus areas

BESA is developing a series of Wikis, on which users can collaboratively modify content and structure directly from their web browsers.

BESA members and key industry experts can submit their technical know-how directly into an evolving database to build up a body of knowledge on key areas within the building services industry. This collective approach allows us to capture good design principles, define industry best practice and identify relevant standards, codes and regulations.



This wiki aims to reduce risk and improve decision making around the issues involved with construction and service of tall buildings.

Our aim is to create a unified and agreed set of guidelines for architects, engineers, contractors and FM on the specific issues around buildings where the engineering changes due to the height.



This wiki aims to highlight the opportunities and benefits of the offsite construction process in projects carried out away from the building site.

Our wiki aims to guide you through the offsite process from planning, design, fabrication, to the assembly of building elements onsite to support the rapid and efficient construction of a permanent structure.



This wiki aims to address the complex equation of risk factors that confronts the building engineering profession.

Against the backdrop of growing alarm over toxic external air pollution, our aim is to deliver practical guidance so the building engineering industry can turn buildings into safe havens and promote indoor spaces as indoor clean air zones.


RAC 70

This wiki will be an online resource for use by designers, specifiers, contractors and end users, who design, install and use commercial refrigerating systems.

Our ‘live’ guide will provide frequent updates and information on all there is to know about safe refrigerant handling, including the use of appropriate refrigerant recovery equipment, refrigerant gases and calculation requirements.




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