DW 144 Specification for Sheet Metal Ductwork

The industry's comprehensive Specification for the manufacture and installation of sheet metal ductwork

ISBN: 978-0-903783-64-4
Published: January 2016
Pages: 180
BESA Product Code: DW/144

DW/144 is the Standard Specification for ductwork manufacture and installation and is aligned to all current BS, BS EN ISO and other standards and regulations. It defines specifications for sheet metal ductwork for low, medium and high pressure/velocity air systems and covers ductwork application, materials, classification and air leakage. It highlights the technical information to be provided by system designers to ductwork contractors and looks in detail at rectangular, circular, and flat oval ductwork. It also contains updated information on hangers and supports, smoke and fire dampers, external ductwork, internal duct linings, thermal insulation, air terminal units, with many clear reference tables.

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Hi is there any guide lines on what a self-employed ductwork pair should be on p/h

Posted by: Ross Cruickshank at 4/26/2019 7:45:12 PM

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Section 7.5

Section 7.5 states that there is a "minimum are to be tested" based on the size of the test rig, is there any clarification on this or is it generally to the test rigs manufacturers guidelines?

Posted by: Joshua Sullivan at 7/18/2019 2:58:45 PM

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Comparison to 2013 version

Comparing the contents on 2016 edition to the 2013, the headings and even the page numbers are exactly the same, can you provide a list of changes in point form ? Or highlights ? Further, how often will BESA intend to update this standard, it may seem ludicrous in doing so, but it does cost contractors a fortune.

Posted by: Sunny Chien at 9/6/2020 11:35:13 AM

How to access the digital copy?

Hi, I just purchased a digital copy of this book, but I cannot access it after I downloaded on my laptop. Can anyone help me with this? Cheers.

Posted by: Cici Zhu at 11/28/2020 8:16:15 AM

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