DW 145: Guide to Good Practice for the Installation of Fire and Smoke Dampers

Clarification of the important aspects of fire and smoke barrier/damper installation.

ISBN: 978-0-903783-63-7
Published: January 2010
Pages: 50
BESA Product Code: DW/145

Highlighting the basic principles in the design and installation process, this guide also identifies the responsibilities of designers, builders, manufacturers, local authorities, mechanical services, ductwork and other specialist contractors. It identifies, clearly and concisely, the matters that must be addressed when fire and/or smoke dampers are to be installed within a building’s ventilation ductwork system.

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is DW/144 -1998 publication replaced/superseded by 2016 edition ?

I would like to know, whether DW/144 , 1998 publication for Sheet Metal Ductwork is being superseded by 2016 edition or is it acceptable for duct manufacturers to follow!

Posted by: Ketan Lad at 4/27/2019 1:05:34 PM

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