Guide to Good Practice for Heat Pumps

TR30: Guide to Good Practice for Heat Pumps aims to provide an overview of the different applications of Heat Pumps including their benefits and limitations as well as providing outline design information for each of them.

ISBN: 978-0-903783-58-3
Published: July 2021
Pages: 45
BESA Product Code: TR30

Since the first edition of this guide was published, there has been a significant increase in the use of heat pump technologies. This uptake has resulted in a broader range of choices for end users, specifiers and installers, and also a greater knowledge of their potential benefits and pitfalls.

New regulations, assurance schemes, government incentives and market entrants have led to the development of a landscape where heat pump technologies are playing an increasing part and where there is a need for a recognised source of good practice to be made widely available to avoid some of the potential design pitfalls.



Developed in collaboration with Home Builders Federation (HBF) and Worcester Bosch, this course will give you the knowledge to capitalise not just on installations in 'new builds' but also the domestic retrofit market too.

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