Guide to Good Practice: Site Safety

HS1: Guide to Good Practice for Site Safety builds on the proven, core principles of site safety from previous issues and incorporates recent advances and case studies of good practice within the construction industry.

ISBN: 0-903783-57-6
Published: July 2021
Pages: 106
BESA Product Code: HS1

Construction sites are high risk working environments. Every year many construction site workers are killed or injured as a result of their work; or suffer ill health, such as respiratory diseases, musculoskeletal disorders, dermatitis, or asbestosis. It’s crucial that construction activities are adequately controlled and that health and safety regulations are followed closely to reduce the chance of accidents and to protect the lives of your employees and the general public.

Previously known as the “H&V Safety Guide” this publication was introduced to the industry in 1969. Since its inception, it has been regularly updated and revisited to meet changes in health and safety legislation and evolving business practices.

Remember - Keep safety in your sites.


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