JCT SB 2016 changes

On 31 October 2016 the JCT published a new edition of its Standard Building Contract with the changes listed below. The update includes new definitions and now incorporates The Construction Design and Management Regulations (CDM).

Published: January 0001
Pages: 2
BESA Product Code: LC 62

 Combined Payment Notice and Pay Less Notice and final dates for payment.
 Interim valuation dates which apply throughout the construction period and the rectification period payments now will
be every month rather than every two months.
 14-day period applies to both the period of time between the due date and the final date for payment for interim and
final payments.
 New procedure for prompt assessment within 28 days by the employer of loss and expense claims and 14 days from
each subsequent monthly update from the Contractor.
 Fluctuations Options A, B and C were made more flexible and are set out and selected in the Contract Particulars.
Options B and C are no longer attached to the contract but are still available to use from the JCT website and the
contract now allows for an alternative bespoke cost adjustment formula.

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