JS 5 Worksafe - Welding Safety Guide

Avoid accidents at work with the Worksafe Welding Safety: Booklet one of the BESA's best-selling safety guides.

ISBN: 0-903783-56-8
Published: January 2008
Pages: 40
BESA Product Code: JS/5

This booklet offers health & safety advice to professional building services engineers on carrying out welding work, and identifies the potential risks and hazards associated with each area of the welding trade, covering gas, bronze, metal welding and cutting.  It defines essential fire precautions and provides guidance on first aid treatment.  Reflecting amendments to health and safety regulations and improvements in the equipment available, JS5 Welding Safety forms part of the BESA's (the Building Engineering Services Association) 'Worksafe' series of publications covering technical and safety issues.

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