SFG20 The definitive standard for planned maintenance

Completely unique, SFG20 is the essential tool for facilities managers, building owners, contractors and consultants, enabling you to stay compliant - saving time, energy and money.

Published: January 2020
BESA Product Code: SFG20

Originally launched in 1990, BESA's SFG20 is recognised as the industry standard for building maintenance specification. An interactive web-based service, SFG20 has a growing library of maintenance task schedules, currently covering many equipment types and over 1000 individual schedules specialist services.

SFG20 maintenance schedules include full detail on:

How critical the task is; our colour-coded ratings help distinguish between work you have a legal obligation to complete and optional tasks.

How often a task needs to be carried out so you can avoid over or under maintaining assets.

What skill set is required to complete the task – mechanical, gas safe, electrical and so on.
SFG20 allows you to customise maintenance schedules to your individual requirements for specific buildings, projects or sites so you can create and respond to tenders, as well as auditing and managing existing contracts.

SFG20 can save you up to 20% on your annual maintenance budget.

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