TR20 Specification for Pipework Installation

A suite of pipework installation specifications to ensure compliance with accepted good practice.

ISBN: 0-903783-40-1
Published: April 2003
Pages: 41
BESA Product Code: TR 20 parts 1 - 10


It is intended that this standard specification will be used generally as a means of measurement and assessment of a contractor’s performance and, specifically, to demonstrate compliance and competence under the BESA Inspection and Assessment arrangements.


It is envisaged that TR/20 be used either in the absence of a client specification or by specific reference as an integral part of such a specification. It is also proposed that TR/20 be used as a quality benchmark whereby any shortfall identified within an alternative specification is drawn to the client’s attention.


The full suite of documents includes:


Part One - Low temperature hot water heating pipework systems

Part Two – Medium temperature hot water heating

Part Three – High temperature hot water heating

Part Four – Hot water service

Part Five – Cold water service

Part Six – Chilled water

Part Seven – Condenser and cooling water

Part Eight – Steam and condensate

Part Nine – Natural gas

Part Ten – Oil



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