Contract Management

Contracts can be a minefield. Ensuring your company's contracts are managed efficiently can save your business not just time, but money too.

contractAlthough standard, unamended contracts are broadly acceptable without further amendment, they are rarely left unamended - we would always recommend that you should review your contracts carefully to ensure they have not been tampered with.  The BESA legal team offer guidance on the issues you should consider when reviewing your contracts. 

The BESA Legal team offer guidance on the issues you should consider when reviewing your contracts. Login to the legal and commercial section of the BESA Members’ Area to take advantage of our suite of contractual precedents, templates, guidance documents - these documents are not only free but specially designed to de-risk a BESA member business model regardless of their size or specialism.



Pre-contracts checklist

BESA members have access to a handy pre-contracts checklist so you can ensure you don't make any costly errors. 


Contractual pitfalls often include tedious clauses in construction agreements causing confusion over their practical effect.

The legal and commercial team can help you to understand all the contractual jargon and also suggest alternative wording to reduce the risks and liability you might be exposed to. 


The concept of “practical completion” is a frequent source of dispute on construction projects.

Parties often disagree about what the term “practical completion” means and whether or not practical completion has been achieved.

BESA members have access to our practical completion guide which explains what practical completion means and why it matters. 


Contract templates

Conditions of Sub-Sub-Contract

Standard form of Labour-Only Sub-Contract and guidance notes

Conditions of Trading

Supply-Only Contract

Maintenance Agreement

Consumer Contract



Letter templates

JCT and NEC letters for

Response to Instruction(s) form

Tender Acceptance

Response to Tender

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