Mental Health

A dedicated area to help raise awareness of mental health wellbeing in the building engineering services sector, providing practical resources and tools to help companies address this important issue in their workplace
Workers six times more likely to die from suicide than falls


The building services sector is predominately a male dominated industry and it is a well-known fact that men find it hard to open up and talk about their feelings. A definite shift has taken place in the past 12 months in that employers in the sector are starting to talk about mental health, as well as actively seeking resources to better support their employees. 

With mental health issues affecting 1 in 4 adults, it is important that both employers and employees are equipped with knowledge and tools to address this issue in the workplace.

Working within the building services sector can be stressful and a number of factors can have an impact on people's emotional wellbeing for both an employer or employee, such as:


  • Winning work, tenders and contracts
  • Chasing payment and debt management
  • Managing workload and staff
  • Work life balance
  • Industry pressures - meeting legislation requirements
  • Meeting deadlines and reaching targets


  • Financial trouble
  • Relationship and marriage breakdowns
  • Illness
  • Bereavement
  • Caring for dependents
  • Major life events - moving house, marriage and baby

As an employer, colleague, friend or family member, you aren't expected to help solve someone's mental health issues but what you can do is recognise there is a problem and point them in the right direction, where they can access the help and support they need. Sometimes, it can be as simple as taking ten minutes out of your day to sit down with someone over a cup of tea, ask how they are and listen. 

BESA is committed to raising awareness of mental health in the building engineering services sector, providing resources and connecting employers and employees with organisations that can help.

On this page you will find resources to support mental health initiatives in your workplace, as well as links to organisations who are experts in the field. Make sure you keep checking back for updates on new initiatives, events and resources as there will be a number of developments through the year. 

HSE Working Minds Toolkit Download our Mental Health Toolbox Talk One third

Case studies 

Mental health and depression can affect anyone at any point in their life regardless of age, gender, sexuality, occupation, religion, wealth, where you live and physical health. 

We have collated a series of short case study videos made by various charities, where people including celebrities, sportsmen and royalty discuss how they have experienced mental health issues at some point in their life.    


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Mental Health Charities

There are many charity and organisations which will provide support, guidance and resources on how to recognise and help someone within the workplace who may have mental health issues. Please click on each charity below for further information.

BESA has partnered with Samaritans to increase awareness of mental health and provide resources for the building services sector.

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Mental Health First Aid is an educational course which teaches people how to identify, understand and help a person who may be developing a mental health issue.

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Mates in Mind is a charitable programme to improve and promote positive mental health in construction.

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Time to Change's main focus is talking about mental health and breaking down the stigma surrounding it.

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