Monday, June 5, 2017


The BESA Competence Assessment Scheme verifies a BESA member’s compliance to industry standards, demonstrating commercial capability, workforce commitment and technical competence.

Since 21st May 2017 the entire Competence Assessment Scheme process has been undertaken by BESCA, the certification arm of the Building Engineering Services Association, taking over both the Health & Safety assessment and the Technical Audit elements from Exova BM Trada.

Our vision has always been to place our members at the heart of building services, by carrying out our mission: representing the interests of firms active in the design, manufacture, installation, commissioning, maintenance, control and management of engineering systems and services in the built environment.

Insights from our members regarding the challenges they face operating within the built environment supports the need for a strong voice within building services, promotion of technical excellence to engineer innovation and help to build a sustainable future for the sector. These insights formed the basis of BESA’s strategic priorities for the next 3-5 years, along with aspirations to become an association of excellence by developing services that inspire and help our members. With our aspirations to create an association of excellence and deliver services to inspire in mind, the timing is now right to deliver the full Competence Assessment Scheme through BESCA.

The Competence Assessment Scheme process has been revised to ensure it remains relevant to our members and robust enough to showcase their varying work types against industry standards and is fully aligned to PAS 91:2013 for Construction Prequalification and PAS 2030:2017 for the Specification of Energy Efficient Measures. The new format for technical audits will become automated, creating a new user experience interacting with BESCA auditors and imparting knowledge.

UKAS Accredited BESCA (Building Engineering Services Competence Assessment) was set up by the BESA as an independent certification body in 2006.

UKAS Accreditation authorises BESCA to operate a Competent Person Scheme, offering businesses the opportunity to notify of installed works and meet the requirements of the Building Regulations, whilst providing customers with a Building Regulation compliance certificate and a 6-year Insurance Backed Warranty.  

The BESCA team are working continuously on behalf of the Association operating to ISO 17065, ISO 9001 and SSIP Rules & Bylaws, to ensure that BESA membership is recognised as a badge of quality within the supply chain, in PQQ specifications and supplier documents.

As a member you will see no changes to the rhythm of your risk assessed technical audit. You will continue to receive an audit invitation from the BESCA schemes manager with your surveillance date and an introduction to your BESCA auditor, with further information to help you prepare for your site visit.  


If you would like to discuss the changes or have any questions, please contact the BESCA helpdesk on 01768 860457 or email

Alternatively, download our helpful Competence Assessment Scheme guide for further assistance.

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