Friday, February 18, 2022

Mitsubishi Electric to sponsor BESA National Conference

The Building Engineering Services Association (BESA) National Conference will take place on October 20th at the Novotel Hammersmith hotel in London.  

The busy one-day event will feature a wide range of speakers from the building services sector and beyond as it builds on its successful two-day virtual conference last November which attracted more than 500 delegates. 

Mitsubishi Electric will be headline sponsor of the Conference and the Association’s National Awards gala dinner, which will take place on the evening of the Conference.  

The Conference, which is returning to an ‘in person’ format after two years online, will include plenary sessions, workshops and a technical stream that will focus more closely on some of the key technology areas of interest. The programme will be built around the Association’s technical agenda and the industry’s growing focus on competence and compliance. 

This major sponsorship is the latest in Mitsubishi Electric’s long-term collaboration with BESA, which involves a particularly close working relationship with the Association’s Health & Well-being in Buildings group.  

The company supported the production of the group’s ‘Beginner’s Guide to Indoor Air Quality’ last year and is currently working on another piece of related guidance: ‘Delivering safe havens – a practical guide’ which will be launched at BESA’s London, Midlands, and South Regional Awards in April. 

Mitsubishi Electric, which celebrated its centenary last year with the launch of several high-profile sustainability initiatives, also sponsored last year’s online BESA National Conference 

It has also developed several training courses with the BESA Academy including the Health and Safety Environment course and test, a six-module programme which formed a key part of the industry’s response to the challenge of keeping its workforce safe during the pandemic. 

It was also one of the first adopters of the Academy’s Skills Advisory Service, which is a free resource designed to help employers and potential apprentices navigate the increasingly complex recruitment and training process. The service helps people find the right qualifications, training providers and sources of funding.  

Mitsubishi Electric is also sponsoring BESA’s regional awards this year, reflecting its commitment to local networking and the development of apprentices. 

“We are delighted to be the headline sponsor of the BESA National Conference once again,” said Rachel Lekman, marketing manager at Mitsubishi Electric. “We have built up a very productive partnership with BESA in recent years and have already collaborated on a number of important projects with particular emphasis on indoor air quality, sustainability and skills. 

This kind of collaboration will be increasingly important as the sector continues to recover from the pandemic and builds towards net zero. We have complementary strengths that can help tackle the industry’s skills gap and deliver cutting edge solutions to support contractors’ work in critical areas like the health and well-being of building occupants,” she added. 

“We look forward to digging even more deeply into these topics during this year’s Conference.” 

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