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Thursday, September 22, 2016

SELECT and BESCA Facilitate Cross Border working

SELECT – the Electrical Contractors’ Association of Scotland –and the Building Engineering Services Competence Assessment (BESCA), have established an agreement that will allow SELECT members to join the BESCA Part P scheme.

In England and Wales, contractors have a legal requirement to ‘notify’ domestic work subject to Part P of the Building Regulations.  This new arrangement will allow SELECT members to meet this requirement.

“We have been looking for a new partner organisation since BSI withdrew their Part P scheme,” said head of technical Services Dave Forrester.   “We considered a wide range of certification providers and decided that the scheme operated by BESCA best met our members’ needs”.

SELECT Member firms, who operate in England or Wales, will benefit from not having to continually notify their work separately.

BESCA and Building Engineering Services Association (BESA) head of technical services Russell Mott said:

 “This agreement further strengthens our links with SELECT and demonstrates the excellent relationships our sector enjoys throughout the UK.  It will also significantly increase the number of members in our Competent Person Scheme and further promote the importance of complying with Building Regulations.”

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