Thursday, March 10, 2016


In advance of next week’s Budget, the Electrical Contractors’ Association (ECA) and the Building Engineering Services Association (the BESA) have issued a joint statement on a number of the key topics affecting members of both organisations.

The main areas the BESA and the ECA raise are as follows:

  • action needed on red tape and business rates to reduce the burden on small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs);
  • support and direction for energy efficiency, renewables and energy storage;
  • the Introduction of an online payment portal that will help ensure those working on public sector contracts are paid on time.

The ECA and the BESA highlight the unique challenges faced by SMEs, especially in relation to unnecessary bureaucracy and red tape, and the burden placed on them by the taxation regime.

The two trade bodies are jointly calling for measures that will allow small businesses to grow, such as reducing the impact of ever increasing business rates, thus providing a boost to the overall UK economy, along with additional employment opportunities.

In terms of energy, the associations point to the need to provide not just effective support, but long-term policy direction for energy efficiency and renewable technologies, in order to ensure a stable investment climate. In addition, the BESA and the ECA are seeking an improvement in the regulatory and legal environment around energy storage which would deliver much needed low-to-no carbon energy capacity, and contribute to UK energy resilience and security.

Finally, recognising the need to ensure fair and prompt payment along contractor supply chains, the
ECA and the BESA are pressing for a centralised online procurement portal, to enable public sector clients to manage the supply chain through better presentation and analysis of “big data”, and allow payment requirements to be transparent and verifiable.


Notes to Editors:


  1. The ECA and the BESA have formally agreed to collaborate on a range of issues affecting the building engineering services sector.

The partnership brings together the two leading trade associations representing the interests of building engineering services contractors, representing some 4,000 businesses with a combined annual turnover of almost £10bn.

Together, the ECA and the BESA cover a broad range of engineering, design, installation and facilities management activity, including electrical, heating, plumbing, energy management, micro-generation, ductwork, ventilation, fire and security, and wireless systems.

Joint working includes representation and services in key areas such as contracts, procurement, payment and heath and safety, with increasingly integrated teams which are already achieving significant impact with stakeholders, and providing enhanced services and capability to BESA and ECA members.

Overall, the building engineering services sector is estimated to account for some 40% of UK construction and maintenance turnover.


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