Focus Areas

Technology is developing rapidly in the building engineering services sector. This area highlights some key developments in our sector and how we are supporting them.

BESA Pipe Plus App

BESA in partnership with BMTFA, has launched the UK's first free pipework specification tool app. The BESA Pipe Plus App helps you identify the most suitable metal pipework solution for specific applications and ensures you are referring to the latest relevant technical standards and best practice.

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Indoor Air Quality

BESA formed an IAQ Action Group two years ago with a view to providing clearer technical guidance for members and the industry at large on this important topic and also to raise awareness at government level; with the general public; and across the sector through its marketing and PR departments.

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Local Exhaust Ventilation

LEV is an engineering control system to reduce employee exposure to hazardous substances in the workplace by capturing the emission at the source and transporting it to a safe emission point or a filter.

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The BESA activity relating to BIM is centred on how contractors can use the process to remove non value adding activity and how they can apply the principles of BIM without incurring high additional hardware and software costs. The focus is on practical solutions that provide immediate benefit.

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