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Apprentice Refrigeration Engineer

Level 2

Location: Leeds

Application Deadline: Friday, May 10, 2019

Entry Requirements

For this role the candidate needs to have achieved grades A*- C (9-4) in Maths and English.

Applicants are also required to complete BESA Training's online application and assessment. Applicants who do not complete the assessment will not be considered for the role.


An Apprenticeship vacancy has arisen for a Refrigeration Engineer within a successful company to train to become a Refrigeration Service Engineer. You will be responsible for the repair and maintenance of large and complex Refrigeration Equipment in food production premises, transport, storage and distribution centres, and supermarkets. Engineers will develop skills in repairing and maintaining refrigeration systems in a variety of settings.

Engineers will also develop a wide range of knowledge and skills to enable them to diagnose why a system has failed and what is required to return to normal operation, and will utilise their expertise in isolating and diagnosing faults, to correct them as quickly as possible.

As most of the work is carried out in occupied premises, engineers have to plan their work carefully to ensure minimum disruption to the client’s activities. The health and safety of the client and their customers is also of great importance. Projects may involve stripping out old systems and replacing them with new equipment, while working with associated hazards such as lifting floors/ceilings and walls and working at heights or in confined spaces.


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