Outstanding Woman in Building Engineering Services

Special national award to celebrate the Women's Engineering Society's centenary.

Special Award for WES Centenary year

BESA is supporting the campaign to attract more women into engineering professions by launching an award to mark the centenary of the Women’s Engineering Society (WES).

BESA believes engineering professions in general – and building engineering in particular – will not be able to meet future business goals without a far more gender diverse workforce. According to the Office for National Statistics, just 8% of British engineers are women and BESA is backing a WES initiative to raise that figure to 30% by 2030.

Figures from the Royal Academy of Engineering also show that 20,000 additional graduate and higher-level apprentices will be needed every year between now and 2024 to meet predicted demand.

“Creating more career opportunities for women in engineering is not just the right thing to do – it is better for our businesses,” said BESA chief executive David Frise. “There is plenty of evidence to show that the most successful companies are those with the most diverse workforces – and how successful can we possibly be if we are, effectively, ignoring 50% of the population.”

Nominations for the BESA Outstanding Woman in Building Engineering Services award are invited via email below and the winner will be honoured at the BESA National Conference and Awards event at the Millennium Gloucester Hotel, London on November 21st.


NOMINATIONS OPEN: 19th September, 2019

NOMINATIONS CLOSE: 1st November 2019


Nominations should be sent to marketing@theBESA.com with the subject line 'WES Award Nomination'.


The nomination should include:

  • Name, company and email address of the nominated individual
  • Name and contact details of the nominator
  • Details of why they should be considered for this award. Think about including any significant achievement in their career, ways they have been a role model and any ways they have worked to encourage women into the sector.


You can read more about the award in our news section.

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