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Important sector survey on payment terms

From: Lobbying

The Specialist Engineering Contractors' Group have asked the ECA and the BESA to enquire about their members' experience of payment within public sector supply chains.
Regulation 113 requires all public sector clients to insert a clause in contracts with tier 1 suppliers that payments will be within 30 days. Significantly, it also requires that this clause to be cascaded through sub-contracts and sub-sub-contracts. …

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CBI referendum toolkit

From: CBI referendum toolkit

In advance of the referendum that will take place on Thursday 23 June, employers’ organisation the CBI has developed a toolkit designed to assist businesses in understanding the implications of remaining within, or withdrawing from, the European Union.

As a member of the CBI, the BESA is able to provide its own members with access to this toolkit – which, in addition to providing a walk-through of some of the key cons…

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To help your company prepare the for the referendum, access the CBI's information pack

CBI Pack

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