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Health Safety & Environment Course


BESA Academys comprehensive Health and Safety Environment course, coupled with the test, is designed to fulfill the requirements mandated for all Craft and Operative SKILLcard holders. This tailor-made program is the gateway for professionals within the HVAC industry seeking to elevate their qualifications and ensure their practices are in line with the highest safety standards. Our course is not just about meeting the basic requirements; it's about empowering you with the knowledge and skills to make a tangible difference in your workplace.

We understand the value of our community, which is why we are thrilled to offer exclusive discounts to BESA members and SKILLcard holders. This initiative is part of our commitment to support the continuous professional development of our members and to acknowledge their dedication to maintaining excellence in health and safety standards within the HVAC sector.

What to expect from the HSE Course & Test

The Health and Safety Environment course and exam cater to the essential health and safety standards required for all Craft and Operative SKILLcards, tailored specifically for professionals in the fields of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration.

This comprehensive online course equips onsite workers with foundational health and safety knowledge, eliminating the inconvenience of scheduling, traveling to a testing center, or missing work hours.

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The 5 modules of the Health, Saefty & Environment Course:


The principles of risk assessment and maintaining and improving H&S at work


The importance of safe manual handling


The importance of working safely at height


Risks to health within a construction environment


Working around plant and equipment safely
The Health Safety and Environment Test for operatives can be taken as part of the course or as a standalone test. Both the course and test can be completed on a laptop or PC whilst at work or home - saving you time and money travelling to a test centre.

What is SKILLcard?

SKILLcard is a BESA Group company and the industry-recognised card issuing and personnel registration scheme for people working in the mechanical sector of the building engineering services industry throughout the UK.

You can apply for a SKILLcard if you're working in the heating, ventilating, air conditioning and refrigeration industry, including ductwork and other specialisms associated with the building engineering services industry - such as service and facilities, domestic heating and plumbing, and refrigeration and air conditioning can apply for a SKILLcard. The scope of SKILLcard also covers those with supervisory and managerial responsibilities in the building engineering services industry& academy qualified personal.

The Craft & Operative SKILLcards

The Craft and Operative SKILLcards are:

Gold - Advanced Craft


Blue - Skilled Worker


White - ACRIB Refrigerant Handler



Green - Mate


Blue/Gold - ACRIB/SKILLcard

Refrigeration/Air Conditioning Engineer


Why you need your HSE qualification to apply for a SKILLcard

To be eligible for a SKILLcard, you must successfully complete a relevant health and safety test within the past two years. This requirement guarantees that individuals carrying a Craft or Operative SKILLcard possess the necessary skills and adhere to safety protocols while working on site. The purpose of these exams is to establish a foundational level of health and safety knowledge for all site personnel.

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BESA Member H&S Support

BESA's Health and Safety Service provides reliable, responsive and practical health and safety support on safety standards and compliance. Free to members, this service will not only save you hundreds of pounds each year, it will remove the stress related woes of dealing with H&S issues and provide you with peace of mind.

Guide to Good Practice: Site Safety

This BESA Publication builds on the proven, core principles of site safety from previous issues and incorporates recent advances and case studies of good practice within the construction industry.