Building Safety Act What to do next?

What Should You Be Doing Now?

The Building Safety Act 2022 has implications for all working in construction and the built environment. For contractors working on higher-risk residential buildings, the Act introduces extended compliance measures. For smaller contractors the focus is much more around competence and compliance and being able to provide evidence of what work was done, by who and why decisions were made. 

Here are our top tips to ensure you are ready for the Building Safety Act:

Follow BESA and HSE on social media for regular updates 

Keep checking this page for regular updates, as we are here to support you as your signposting service 

Ensure the individuals and companies you engage with have the competency needed and necessary documentary proof they are suitable for the job

Observing the Building Regulations, Fire Safety Order and Fire Safety Regulations, Defective Premises Act, etc. is mandatory and evidencing compliance is vital to comply with the Act

Download SFG20's free Building Safety Act Checklist designed to support building owners and maintenance professionals

Remember – The regulator is applying a ‘proportionate, ‘evidence-based and justified’ approach to enforcement, documented evidence is essential and must be kept

How Can BESA Help Prepare You And Your Business

We are staying on top of the emerging secondary legislation and guidance to identify what is especially relevant to our members. We provide a wide variety of products and services that will assist you in meeting your compliance needs. 

Information, Advice And Guidance

Bespoke legal and commercial advice from our in house team of experts

Hassle free Health and Safety advice from our in house team of experts 

Check out our upcoming and on demand BESA Webinars with industry experts

How We Can Help You Demonstrate Compliance

Ensure you and your staff are skilled and competent by completing free online accredited CPD, short courses and using the free Skills Advisory Service from BESA Academy

Ensure you are working to the latest standards and aware of changes in regulations and legislation by downloading our latest technical publications, standards and guidance from BESA Knowledge

Acquiring the BESA Competence Assessment Standard (CAS) accreditation enables you to demonstrate competence and compliance to the highest standard 

No need to worry about building control and LABC's if you are part of a Competent Person Scheme like BESCA CPS

Be registered with the UK's leading F-Gas register REFCOM and for those who want to go that extra mile to prove their compliance join REFCOM Elite

If you own or manage facilities, you should use SFG20's industry leading maintenance software, which helps you understand your asset maintenance requirements 


Evidence individual competency with SKILLcard - the personnel registration scheme for the mechanical sector of building services

Vent hygiene is more than cleaning, its fire prevention. As a contractor you should be registered with the UK's leading vent hygiene register - VHR

Representation And Advocacy

The Building Safety Act is a principal policy area for BESA. Through regular contact with ministers, MPs and civil servants, and responding to key consultations the BESA makes its voice heard in the 'corridors of power' on behalf of our members and industry. Representatives from across the BESA Group companies work closely with government, actively inputting on key issues within the industry. 

Building Safety Act Courses & Webinars

CIOB - Building Safety Act Course

The £25, 90-minute online course is structured around four key areas, including an introduction to the Building Safety Act 2022, Building Safety Act legislation, roles and scope, and the ‘golden thread’


CITB - Fire Safety in Buildings

CITB offers a free online course on Fire Safety in Buildings. This e-learning program is designed to educate individuals engaged in the construction and maintenance of buildings, emphasising the importance of proper compartmentation and the consequences of compromising, or tampering with fire protection measures.

Building Safety Regulator Webinar Series

The Building Safety Regulator’s webinar series is now available to watch on‐demand. It is designed to help dutyholders understand the new regime, including the building control system and Planning Gateway One.

HSE Webinars on Demand

Webinars delivered by HSE’s building control and policy professionals are now available to watch on demand by subscribing to HSE’s YouTube channel or visit the Building Safety campaign website resources.

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