How to achieve Net Zero for your business

Net Zero must be delivered across the whole of the UK, including businesses of all sizes and types. It may seem like a huge challenge, but in fact many BESA member businesses are already taking steps to reduce their energy use and shrink their carbon footprints.

Steps include:

  • Installing controls in their offices and other buildings to make energy management easier
  • Making office building improvements such as updating older equipment, adding insulation and changing to LED lighting
  • Switching their vans and fleet cars to electric vehicles
  • Doing more to recycle the products they use in day-to-day business

In August 2023, the government launched the UK Business Climate Hub to help SMEs reduce their energy costs and cut carbon.

Making the most of Net Zero opportunities
As the UK moves towards its 2050 target, there are many opportunities for BESA members to engage their customers and help them reduce their carbon emissions.

One example is in the installation of low-carbon technologies such as heat pumps. The government has set a target of 600,000 installations per year (which covers domestic and commercial projects). There is no way to achieve this without expert installers.

Training staff on this technology is a significant opportunity for BESA member companies to step into the low-carbon future and be ready to meet the growing demand. BESA Academy already has courses available on this topic.

In July 2023, the government introduced a £5m Heat Training Grant which offers £500 towards heat pump training for self-employed installers, the unemployed and those working for a business with 250 employees or less.

Another significant market is in building retrofits. As carbon and energy targets for buildings are tightened, building owners will have to make changes to HVACR systems – aiming for greater efficiency and lower operational carbon. BESA recently highlighted the need for retrofitting expertise to help the UK achieve its Net Zero goals.

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Page last updated on 3 October 2023