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The VHR Team will review your audit and let you know if your are TR19® compliant or if further action is required.

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What You Need For Your Application

Applying online is simple, secure and quick. Here is what you need to make your VHR application process as smooth as possible: 

  • You will require details of your qualified Grease Hygiene Technician/s and their valid qualification certificate/s so you can register them as part of your online application
  • Evidence of public liability insurance (a minimum of £2M) 
  • Evidence of employers liability insurance (as appropriate)


If you are a BESA Member, you may already qualify for the Vent Hygiene Register as you will have deemed to satisfy through the BESA Competence Assessment Standard (CAS) Audit. Get in touch with the VHR Team on or 01768 860455 to find out if this applies to you.

The VHR Audit

As part of the VHR application approval process you will be required to complete the robust VHR audit, which provides assessment of our members' technical competence and commercial capability.

What is involved with the VHR Audit?

Business Management Review (BMR)

  • Company financials

  • Insurance policies

  • Health and Safety policies

  • Training and qualifications

Technical Audit

  • Audit with a VHR Assessor (either online or 
  • First 5 Audit - upload 5 Post Clean Verification Reports (PCVRs) for review

Read our top tips on how best to prepare for your on-site audit if you are chosen at random.

Qualifications & Training

For the Vent Hygiene Register - the minimum qualification requirement for signing off works is a Grease Hygiene Technician (GHT). We recognise the BESA Academy suite of Ventilation courses and GTOF 04 SCQF Level 5: Ventilation Hygiene Certificate.

If your staff require training, you can find a list of approved training centres on the BESA Academy website.

Pricing & Notifications

An annual Vent Hygiene Register membership is £350, which includes the cost of your audit.

For companies who are BESA members, VHR membership is included within your BESA membership.

Notification of work fees are set as 75p per notification registered on the VHR Hub.

Register And Apply Online

Start your journey to TR19® compliance today


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