Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

A dedicated area to help raise awareness of the importance of indoor air quality, the conditions of air inside buildings and how our sector can work together to make buildings safe havens.

BESA's IAQ Action Group aims to provide clearer technical guidance for members and the industry at large on this important topic and also to raise awareness at government level; with the general public; and across the sector through its marketing and PR departments.

BESA Guidance Opens Door To Air Quality ‘Safe Havens’

The Covid pandemic raised awareness of the importance of ventilation and has increased calls for clearer practical guidance and the setting of specific indoor air quality (IAQ) contaminant targets to support the health and wellbeing of building occupants.

The UK’s chief scientific officer Sir Patrick Vallance and the British Medical Association (BMA) have emphasised the role of building ventilation and IAQ in helping the country navigate the next stage of the pandemic. The BSI is also fast-tracking a new British Standard that will help to define the UK’s future approach to IAQ.

The BMA, which represents all UK doctors, says setting legal standards for ventilation, should be part of the government’s strategy for dealing with the next stage of the pandemic. It added that financial support for businesses and educational settings should be made available “to implement these requirements ahead of the autumn and winter period, when respiratory viruses spread more easily and buildings must be kept warm, limiting options for natural ventilation”.

BESA has, therefore, produced a range of concise guides to good practice: 'A Beginner's Guide to Indoor Air Quality',  Indoor Air Quality for Health & Well-Being’, and 'Building's as Safe Havens' which is designed to help building owners, managers and engineers interpret IAQ data and turn it into useful strategies for improving the indoor environment.


A Practical Guide to Mould

NEW in 2023 - This guide from BESA and Mitsubishi Electric highlights how landlords can tackle the problems of damp and mould at the source with straightforward steps to improve the indoor environment.

World Ventil8 Day - 8th November

As a champion of the importance of ventilation in improving our health and wellbeing, BESA are a founding member of World Ventil8 Day.


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