BESA NextGen Network

Inspiring and connecting the next generation of building service professionals 

The BESA NextGen Network formerly known as the BESA Future Leaders, was formed in 2017 and exists to help develop the next generation of professionals working within the building engineering services sector, and to encourage more people to choose engineering services as their career. The Network also provide new ideas and fresh perspectives to the industry and BESA as a trade body. 

Who We Are

The BESA NextGen Network are a diverse group of professionals from a range of different backgrounds, working across the building engineering services sector in a variety of roles that support the industry. Exposure to such a diverse group with a range of different skills supports information sharing, career development and offers unique learning opportunities to those involved.

Meet the BESA NextGen Network


Ryan Walton, BESA NextGen Network Chair


  Ibrahim Qadir, BESA NextGen Network Vice Chair

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Our Aims 

Raise Profile White

We aim to raise the profile of NextGen professionals in the industry

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We help the NextGen make meaningful connections within  the sector

Future Leader Goal - Industry Changing

The industry is changing, we encourage the NextGen to be part of that change

Why get involved?

Raising your profile with unmatched networking opportunities 

Being a member of the BESA NextGen Network provides the opportunity to join a supportive community of professionals in the building engineering services sector. Involvement with the Network gives you the opportunity to play key roles in BESA events, including the BESA Annual Conference, Specialist Group Committees and Regional Meetings.

Participation in events like these offer unrivalled opportunities to network with likeminded peers from across the industry on a national level.

As the NextGen, the future is yours to make.

The BESA NextGen Network enables members to build on industry knowledge, and develop fundamental skills. We empower the NextGen to offer their fresh perspectives, insights and knowledge on emerging trends, working with experienced peers to develop innovative ideas, and new ways of thinking which can be shared with the sector.

The Network provides a platform for members to share their ideas and insights with the sector through events and knowledge sharing opportunities. By joining members receive access to training initiatives and CPD, ensuring they stay up-to-date and ahead in their fields, helping them gain knowledge, improve their skills and ultimately contribute to their ongoing success.

Graeme Fox Headshot

Graeme Fox, Director of Technical 

"Business relationships are all about networking – making connections and developing friendships which are crucial to making the construction industry function smoothly. The BESA Next Gen network is a critical pathway to making those connections for those people still relatively new to the sector.

These connections are of huge benefit in developing the knowledge and careers for the network participants, but also for their employers as the network can help generate business and promote their own brand as a forward thinking and progressive organisation."


Don't just take our word for it, hear from the BESA NextGen themselves

Ryan has had a postive experience with BESA - he is the chair of the group, also sitting on the BESA Council and the RACHP Committee, Ventilation Group - he wants to make sure that other young people have the same opportunity to have their voices heard. 

NextGen Member, Ella values the supportive nature of the group, as well as the opportunity it has provided her to meet lots of new people in a range of different roles across the industry, and being able to learn new things from them.

BESA NextGen Latest News

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Thank you to all the companies that are supporting the NextGen in their organisations

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In the meantime, you can join in the conversation by following our LinkedIn showcase page affiliated to the main BESA LinkedIn page or check out our posts on Twitter and Instagram by searching for #BESANextGen