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22 Technical committee members
28 Publications & bulletins launched
11 specialist groups

BESA has been providing first-class technical guidance and standards to the building engineering services sector for over 115 years.  The BESA Technical Team is on hand to give expert advice,  guidance and practical support. They also provide technical publications, bulletins and guides to good practice which help set the standards across the industry. 

Our fully trained team offers expert advice on technical problems that are encountered by members on a daily basis. Whether it is clarification on regulations, or specific design advice, the BESA Technical Team is on hand to help throughout the entire life cycle of your project. From design to installation and commissioning to maintenance.

BESA members also have access to a complimentary library of guidance documents within the BESA Members' Area, plus 50% off all BESA Publications. 


Technical  Bulletins 

Technical bulletins provide the most up-to-date, relevant industry information and technical advice, ensuring that our members remain compliant and continue to operate as leaders within the industry

Content for the BESA technical bulletins comes from our experienced technical team and contributing BESA members’ organisations in our Technical Committee and Specialist Groups, which allows knowledge to be shared freely and openly across the Association. 

Subject matter can range from Notification of Works Under Building Regulations England, Reduced Rate of VAT on Heat Pumps to letter templates for Condemning Fire Dampers and Carbon Steel Tubes and PED Compliance. 

All BESA Technical Bulletins are exclusively available to members and can be accessed in the BESA Members' Area.

Focus Areas

Technology, regulations and legislation are constantly changing and developing rapidly in the building engineering services sector. Here are some of BESA's  focus areas for developing new technical guidance and support:

Correct Application of Pipes - BESA Pipe Plus App

BESA in partnership with BMTFA, has launched the UK's first free pipework specification tool app. The BESA Pipe Plus App helps you identify the most suitable metal pipework solution for specific applications and ensures you are referring to the latest relevant technical standards and best practice.


Indoor Air Quality

BESA formed an IAQ Action Group two years ago with a view to providing clearer technical guidance for members and the industry at large on this important topic and also to raise awareness at government level; with the general public; and across the sector through its marketing and PR departments. Find out more about IAQ here.


UK Standard for Heat Interface Units

BESA has published the UK’s first and only test standard for Heat Interface Units (HIUs).

Up until now many heat networks have failed to achieve their intended efficiency targets, the new standard developed to assess UK heat network operating parameters is regarded as an important step towards improving the overall performance of British district heating schemes.

Fire Damper Inspection

BESA is currently reviewing DW145 - Guide to Good Practice for the Installation of Fire and Smoke Dampers which will be made available soon and BESA members will have early access to the update guidance. In the interim VH001 Fire and Smoke Damper Maintenance is available to download from the BESA Knowledge store.

Technical Committee

The BESA Technical Committee is pinnacle in the decision making process for new and amended technical publications and standards. They also raise issues within the industry so then BESA can provide a solution whether it be a new piece of guidance or a technical bulletin.

There are 22 BESA members in the Technical Committee and are individuals from the following companies:

  • Ameon
  • Balfour Beatty Kilpatrick
  • Exyte Hargreaves
  • Fire Protection Ltd
  • Flamco Ltd (Affiliate Member)
  • Gratte Brothers Ltd
  • H E Simm & Son Ltd
  • Imtech Engineering Services London and South
  • Laing O'Rourke
  • Lorne Stewart plc
  • Michael J Lonsdale Ltd
  • SES (Engineering Services) Ltd
  • Skanksa Rashleigh Weatherfoil Ltd
  • Sodexo
  • Spie Ltd
  • Ventilation Surveys & Services Ltd

Specialist Groups

We have 11 BESA Specialist Groups that cover a wide range of technical subjects, all steered by BESA members and industry experts. If you are a BESA member and would like to be involved with any of the groups please contact

Digital Engineering Group The Digital Engineering Group meets to set and raise the standards, and increase the levels of professionalism across the BIM industry.
Commissioning Group

The BESA Commissioning Group meets to set and raise the standards, and increase the levels of professionalism across the Commissioning industry.

Energy Efficiency in Buildings Group

The BESA Energy Efficiency in Buildings Group meets to set and raise the standards, and increase the levels of professionalism across the energy efficiency industry.

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Group

Chaired by Nathan Wood, MD at Farmwood Ltd, the IAQ Group over recent years, has been driving home the importance for IAQ and healthier buildings. In partnership with BESA Affiliate member Mitsubishi Electric, they have produced the award winning IAQ Trilogy, which are freely available to download.  

Heating and Plumbing Services Group

Chaired by Martin Cootes, Gatwick Park Mechanical Sevices Ltd, the BESA Heating and Plumbing Services Group is committed to the delivery of sustainable, energy-efficient heating and plumbing solutions in residential and small commercial buildings.

Offsite Manufacturing Group The BESA Offsite Manufacturing Group meets to set and raise the standards, and increase the levels of professionalism across the offsite manufacturing industry.
Pipework Group

The BESA Pipework Group meets to set and raise the standards, and increase the levels of professionalism across the energy efficiency industry. They have successfully created the UK's first ever pipework specification tool app in association with BMTFA. They are currently developing phase two of the app to incorporate plastic pipework.

RAC and Heat Pumps Group Chaired by Richard Merritt, MD at AC Solutions Group, the BESA Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heat Pumps Group meets to set and raise the standards, and increase the levels of professionalism across the RACHP industry.
Service and Facilities Group

Chaired by Alan Gregory of IAQ Consultancy Services Ltd, the Services and Facilities Group promotes the highest standards in the service, maintenance and management of building engineering services, systems and facilities. The group was integral in creating SFG20 - the industry leading providers of maintenance software. 

Ventilation Group

The BESA Ventilation Group is committed to maintaining the highest technical, efficiency and safety standards in ductwork manufacture and installation.

Ventilation Hygiene Group

The BESA Ventilation Hygiene Group (a branch of the BESA Ventilation Group) meets to set and raise the standards, and increase the levels of professionalism across the vent hygiene industry. They are integral in driving the TR19 Grease specification and created the industry's leading Vent Hygiene Register.

Technical Publications And Standards

BESA Technical Publications are written by BESA's Technical Team with input from BESA members and industry experts in response to demand from the sector or changes in legislation.

As a BESA member, you can access many of these publications free of charge or at a heavily discounted price. All BESA Publications are available on our online BESA Publications Store and  BESA members have exclusive access to new product launches so you are always ahead of the competition.