TR19® Competence & Compliance

What is TR19®?

TR19® emerges as a critical guideline that shapes the practices of duct cleaning within the realms of building engineering. Thanks to the concerted efforts of our specialist teams, the BESAs TR19® guidelines have garnered widespread endorsement from both the building engineering services community and British insurers, establishing it as the definitive benchmark for the cleaning of ventilation systems.

The principles of TR19® 

At the heart of TR19® lies a foundational belief that every building should not just feel safe but truly embody a standard of cleanliness that is quantifiable and achievable. This core principle is more than a guideline; it is a commitment to enhancing the well-being of everyone who steps into a building, whether for work, leisure, or residence. By setting a clear, measurable benchmark for cleanliness, TR19® ensures that ventilation systems are not merely cleaned to the eye, but maintained to a level that significantly elevates the safety and comfort of indoor environments. This approach not only fosters healthier spaces but also instils a sense of trust and confidence among building occupants and owners alike. In essence, the guiding principle of TR19® champions a healthier, cleaner, and safer built environment for all, making it a pivotal standard in the building engineering services sector.

TR19® Air

The updated TR19® Air Specification: The Specification for Internal Cleanliness and Hygiene Management of Ventilation Systems and associated BESA Certified Air Hygiene training is now available - supporting our members and the wider industry to avoid health risks to building occupiers and mitigate financial risk to your business.

TR19® Air is the latest benchmark from BESA, it pioneers a targeted approach to revolutionise air quality in buildings.

Beyond being a cleaning guideline, TR19® Air addresses the urgent need for cleaner air ducts, vital for preventing health risks and ensuring compliance with rigorous legislation. In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, the importance of well-maintained ventilation came to the forefront, propelling TR19® Air to encapsulate not just legislation but aspirations for health and well-being standards.


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TR19® Grease

A stand-alone specification, TR19® Grease is a document specifically focused on fire risk management of grease accumulation within kitchen extraction systems.

Commercial kitchens have grown in number over recent years and fires within premises involving commercial kitchen extract systems as either a source or contributory factor to the fire has focused the attention of insurers, property owners and landlords to ensuring that kitchen extraction systems are correctly cleaned and maintained. With this in mind TR19® Grease - Fire Risk Management of Grease Accumulation within Kitchen Extraction Systems, has been produced as a specification document in its own right for the first time in 2019. The risk of fire from the build up of grease deposits in kitchen extract systems and the expectations of building occupiers and legislators, has resulted in an ever more stringent level of ventilation system cleanliness being required.

This specification can be used for new build, upgrade and maintenance of ventilation systems and will directly benefit users of the indoor environment as well as specifiers and consultants. 

TR19 Grease

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TR19® Training from BESA Academy

At BESA Academy, our dedication to elevating the Building Engineering Services industry is unparalleled. We understand the critical importance of not just meeting, but exceeding, the rigorous standards set forth by the industry. This commitment drives our passion for ensuring that professionals within this sector are not only skilled but fully compliant with all necessary specifications. 

In essence, BESA Academy is more than just a training provider; we are a beacon of excellence and a catalyst for professional growth within the Building Engineering Services industry. Our courses are thoughtfully crafted to not only meet the educational needs of our industry but to inspire them to strive for the highest standards of quality and compliance.

These ventilation courses were developed in conjunction with industry partners, and have been designed to reflect the current requirements and recommendations of National Occupational Standards (NOS) and other industry recognised guidance such as TR19® Air and TR19® Grease.

Air Hygiene Training

Air Hygiene Operative

BESA Academy has revamped their lineup of Air Hygiene Courses to align with the latest TR19® Air standards and guidelines.

There are two BESA Certified courses available:

  1. Air Hygiene Operative
  2. Air Hygiene Technician

When booking either course, each student will receive a free copy of TR19® Air, a saving of £150.

What to expect from BESA Academys Air Hygiene Training


Enhanced skills, knowledge and understanding within the ventilation hygiene sector


Provide reassurance to customers and deliver a service to the highest of standards


Increased confidence and ability to win more work

Grease Hygiene Training

BESA Academy's Grease Hygiene short courses are your way to enter the industry or to upskill, ensuring you and your operatives provide a service to the highest of standards.

There are two BESA Certified courses available:

  1. Grease Hygiene Operative
  2. Grease Hygiene Technician

Both of these courses give you the option to join the Vent Hygiene Register - the scheme that always has your back!

When booking either course, please ensure you have the Health, Safety Environment Course, as this is a pre-requisite to both of these courses.

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Reasons to comply with TR19®

Compliance with TR19® Air and Grease standards, coupled with ensuring your team is well-versed and certified in these protocols, presents a wealth of benefits. Most notably, it significantly elevates your business's stature and operational efficiency.

Health & Safety Compliance

Alignment with Standards, including BS EN 15780

Risk Mitigation including Fire Risk Management

Prevention of Respiratory Issues & Allergies

Market Access & Competitiveness

Win More Work

Vent Hygiene Register

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With the vision of being the UK's leading Vent Hygiene Register, setting the highest standards for our industry and developing a regulated framework to ensure quality and safety for all, VHR is dedicated to showcasing the very best businesses across the vent hygiene sector.

As part of the VHR application process our members are required to complete the robust VHR audit, which provides assessment of our members' technical competence and commercial capability.

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