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The podcast that delves a bit deeper into the important questions in building engineering services and construction. In this series we sit down with leading industry figures and discuss what they think about the state of our industry and what they expect to see change. In an uncertain world we aim to highlight what's going to impact your business and your career.

Net Zero Series 

Episode 1: Mission Zero with Chris Skidmore OBE

The first episode in our new Net Zero Series in collaboration with Mitsubishi Electric, we are joined by Chris Skidmore OBE, Chair of Independent Government Review on Net Zero. His ‘Mission Zero’ review, which was published in January, made 129 recommendations for delivering a prosperous UK ‘green economy’. These included speeding up decisions around low carbon heating, the role of energy efficiency in buildings, and accelerating the process for connecting renewable power generation to the country’s electricity grid.  

Chris is joined by David Frise Chief Executive, BESA, Martin Fahey – Head of Sustainability, Mitsubishi Electric and Chris Newman – Zero Carbon Design Manager, Mitsubishi Electric.

They discuss in detail:

  • How building services have adapted before and can do it again, with BESA members urged to help government understand detail
  • How the UK will be warmer and richer thanks to net zero, and will narrow the price gap between electricity and gas
  • The major barrier to net zero - our skills shortage
  • One trillion of inward investment possible this decade with 90% of global GDP focused on net zero
  • How we need to link net zero to safety agenda to drive compliance

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Previous Podcasts

The BESA Podcast with David Frise and Chandru Dissanayeke - October 2020

Hello and welcome to this week's guest Chandru Dissanayeke who has an eclectic career and now leads the industries implementation of the Hackitt Review. We discussed the new draft building safety bill and how it will change the industry.

If you're thinking dry, boring, civil servant - really think again. 

From a start in the entertainment industry to a career in the civil service he comes with genuine beliefs and a passion to see a better built environment. 

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The BESA Podcast with David Frise and Ann Bentley - November 2020

Our guest, Ann Bentley - Global Board Director at Rider Levett Bucknall has more than 35 years’ experience in the property and construction sector. 

Leading the construction business model and supply chain streams for the Construction Leadership Council in 2018 she was the author of the CLCs procurement for value report. We talked about her early days as an engineer, one of the few women to go into engineering at that time. We discussed the struggles and how it made her stronger and we also then talked about the procurement for value report and how that's going to change the way we operate in the future.

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The BESA Podcast with David Frise and Rudi Klein - December 2020

Rudi Klein for many people needs no introduction, he's been involved in the construction industry for over 31 years. 

He's a larger-than-life figure that many of us have seen around the industry. We talked about how he got into the industry, what the difference is between 30 years ago and now. We discussed his background which many of you, I think, will find surprising and how he is often robust in his defence of the underdog. 

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The BESA Podcast with David Frise and Mark Farmer - February 2021

Today’s guest is Mark Farmer whose founding director and CEO of Cast Consultancy.

It’s four years on since the publication of ‘modernise or die’ which was a seminal publication on construction and how it needs to change and change rapidly.

We talked about that change and what worked what hadn't and what further changes are needed in the wake of Grenfell and the pandemic and then we talked about net zero the building Safety Act implications the role of clients. 

Fascinating about his early career 26 years in one with one employer and then gave it all up to start again five years ago really interesting guy I hope you enjoy it. 

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