Representation & Advocacy

The BESA helps shape the industry, progressing key issues and consultations.

Positive Change

Through regular contact with ministers, MPs and civil servants, and responding to key consultations the BESA makes its voice heard in the 'corridors of power'. Representatives from across the BESA Group companies work closely with government, actively imputing on key issues within the industry. 

The Association also brings its influence to bear on opinion-formers across the wider construction industry and among key construction clients. We also work with the press, influencers and partners to raise awareness and instigate positive change.

We are also members of a number of umbrella organisations and key industry committees, boards and consultation groups such as ABCB, ACRIB, Actuate UK, AREA, Build UK, CBI, CIBSE, CIC, CICV Forum, CLC, CPA, DEFRA, Environment Agency, FETA, IOR and the Scottish Government

We are working hard on behalf of the industry on a number of key issues including: 


The Building safety Act is set to overhaul construction, we are working on practical recommendations on how it is implemented. 

Net Zero

Supporting our members on their journey to net zero, helping them to design, fit, retrofit and maintain efficient heating and cooling in buildings.

Ventilation & IAQ

We should be able to breath safely indoors.  Find out more about IAQ and ventilation and how we are working to make it a basic human right.

FAIR BUSINESS PRACTICE BESA is working with policy makers to change the unfair practice of 'cash retentions' and champion prompt payment for all.
SKILLS Our sector has a chronic skills gap. BESA is working to support recruitment, retention, competency, and clear career pathways.
Mental Health We are committed to raising awareness of mental health, providing resources and connections to organisations that can help.

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